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So before this project unravels and we all go on a journey of self discovery together, there are a few things you are going to need to know or else you might get lost.

Firstly, who is Matilda?

Well last summer for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to walk the width of Spain on the accent pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago or The Way of St James. I think the English translation had a lot to do with it, I quite liked the idea I was walking toward my own saintly dreams and in many ways I did just that. I was also walking in memory of my late brother who had died of Epilepsy when i was 18.

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Before I left for Spain I created a vision board, a pin board of pictures printed from the internet and from magazines which represent what i want from life, something I had never done previously. This was not just material possessions but also the sort of work that I would like and the feelings I wanted to cultivate.

Having spent 3 years working with The Kindness Offensive, who are the worlds largest performers of random acts of kindness, I had come to realise that dreams were entirely possible to manifest. I had witnessed first hand how with nothing more than a good attitude and a phone, you could makes dreams come true for many thousands of people. 5 times now The Kindness Offensive have given over 10,000 brand new toys away to deserving children all over the UK for christmas.

This culminated for me in being awarded a place on The Independent on Sundays Happy List, a list of people who make the UK happy which was a tremendous honor to be a part off. Really confirming to me that kindness pays. You can hear BBC Radio interview me on winning a place on the list.

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One of the largest and most expensive items on the vision board i created actually featured 3 times, as I was on the look out for 3 variations. Each one carefully selected and meticulously printed and pinned to the board. What I truly wanted was a campervan, a small home on wheels from where I could explore life and facilitate the making of a film.

So after walking across Spain on the way of St James, having raised nearly £3000 for charity, I realised what my next adventure would be and aided by my ever supportive family  I bought a van, the most expensive item I ever bought.

I then spent 4 months turning it into a campervan, the campervan of my dreams and having visualised my dreams previously it was now just a case of doing all the hard work to make those dreams come true. Which was not easy at times, picking the right thing, doing the wrong thing and no real margin for error. Although I never built anything like this before I was aided by my father and an amazing online community The Self Build Campervan Group on Facebook. Without there help and advice I might still have an empty white van.

So say hello to Matilda, my new lady who if I treat her right will give me the greatest pleasure and facilitate my adventures. Some people said why not buy a pre made campervan, and I thought about it for a while but now having spent time in the space, sleeping, cooking etc, I can tell you there is divine pleasure in being in a space you build with your own hands, something I had kinda worked out by seeing my dad build extensions to the two homes I lived in. Its hard to pay someone to care, if its yours and yours alone then looking after it as best you can is the only option.

 Both walking across Spain and converting a van into a camper were not easy tasks, both were challenging and seemed quite large at times but both were equally made up of small tasks and through both processes i came to realise that no mater the scale of the task in had all you can ever do is remain present and give what ever you are doing in the moment your full attention.

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”

Fransis of Assisi

Which brings me on to my next pilgrimage, my next adventure (which is also one the vision board) the film entitled ‘What’s Your Story?’

What’s your story is the true life film about people who have dared to ask the ultimate question. Its both my quest to find meaning and purpose for my life and my response to that which is to ask other people about their stories. Its not about giving answers but about sharing experiences. Ultimately its about getting everyone talking about the ‘real stuff’ and listen with intent and without judgement to others ‘real stuff’.

whats ya sotry


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This is the story behind one filmmaker’s desire to tell a new kind of story.

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This is my story but more importantly, what will your story be?