John Phoenix is one of London’s most prominent political activists and has reclaimed space for public use for over 25 years, to support local communities, champion the environment and raise awareness for political issues Commonly known as squatting, Phoenix as he likes to be called, takes occupation of disused buildings and for the most part turns those buildings into usable spaces for the community, typically against the wishes of the building owners.

Over the years Phoenix and his band of merry men and woman have facilitated hundreds of groups and helped thousands of people whilst raising the issue of housing justice and homelessness which has got him lots press attention. Now though, 25 years later he has the support of the landlord and works with the local council and is currently helping to run The Hive in Dalston, a versatile co work gallery space that hosts various conferences, meetings, classes, groups, parties, gigs, exhibitions and theatre productions.

This is Phoenix’s Story, what will your story be? 

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